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In-depth guides to your university transition process, including our exclusive Ultimate University Prep Guide, guides for each stage of the process, and our Halp Chat Question Guides.

The Ultimate University Prep Guide

From Grade 9 to Grade 12 - we've consolidated everything you need to crush your transition. Whether you're looking to understand your passions, research schools and programs, write amazing applications, and get ready to move onto campus, this guide has something for you!

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How to decide which programs you may be interested in; how to build a target school list; How to find your passion and a program to match it.

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Find which schools and programs out there are right for you - it can be overwhelming finding what each one has to offer and how you'll fit in.

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Stand out from your peers by learning how to write a great university application, brainstorm great essay topics, and stand out in applications.

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Accepting an offer can be a tough decision - learn how to compare offers from different schools and find best fit for you.

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Preparing for first year can be a stressful time - learn how to make the most of your summer, have a smooth move-in, and kill it at school.

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Life in First Year

Before you land on campus set yourself up for success by building a great timetable, learning strategies to crush it in class and own your social life!

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