The Ultimate University Prep Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate University Prep Guide!

Through a series of surveys, interviews, and best in class research, the Halp team has created an all-in-one guide to help you through your university transition. This guide will tackle everything you need to know about your transition, from grade 9 all the way to move in day. It is here to help you overcome the biggest challenges, take advantage of the biggest opportunities, and get you into your dream school!

The guide is filled with exercises, pro-tips from experts, students, and teachers, and helpful links. Check out the table of contents below, and feel free to click around to the sections most relevant to you. Additionally, we'd love to hear what you want to see added to the guide.

The guide is broken down into the following sections:

1. Introduction
2. Grades 9 and 10 - The Prep Years
3. Grade 11 - The Experience Building Year
4. Grade 12 to Move-In Day - The Final Stretch

Introduction to the Guide


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